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Bank Sohar Extends Support to Omani Association for the Disabled (Sohar)

Bank Sohar’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Convey, directed at supporting charity aid to different organisations across the Sultanate, marked its third donation for the year having supported the Sohar Branch of the Omani Association for the Disabled. The primary objective of the Bank’s efforts is to support Associations with the requisite financial resources which will enable them to purchase of essential equipment for use by the beneficiaries of the Association. Bank Sohar’s contributions to non-profit, charity associations across the country ensure that such organisations acquire vital equipment and infrastructural support to accomplish their goals.

Bank Sohar Extends Support to Omani Association for the Disabled (Sohar)

The donation cheque was handed over to the representative of the Omani Association for the Disabled at Bank Sohar Branch in Wilayat of Sohar, by Mr. Mazin Mahmood Al Raisi, Sr. AGM and Head of Marketing and Customer Experience.

Commenting on the Bank’s year-round CSR initiatives, Ms. Munira Abdulnabi Macki, GM of HR and Corporate Support at Bank Sohar, said “Being a responsible Organization has been integral to Bank Sohar’s success. As one of the more prominent banks in the country, our economic and social resources give us significant reach and potential to make a positive impact on the society we serve. Over the years, we have made substantial amount of contributions across Oman towards community development, as well as several other social causes. This donation to the Omani Association for the Disabled is another example of our commitment to provide maximum support to organisations that endeavour to change lives and improve communities.”

Mr. Dawood Salman Al Shedi, Sohar Branch Supervisor of the Omani Association for the Disabled, said, “We are extremely grateful to Bank Sohar for their continues support. The help and support we receive from organisations such as Bank Sohar is what helps us achieve and fullfill our goals. As a non-profitable organization, we rely primarily on the support from our valued partners to serve the requirements of our association members. We would like to thank Bank Sohar for its support and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Bank Sohar’s contribution towards Omani Association for the Disabled (Sohar Branch) marks the third from a range of activities planned for the current quarter as part of its CSR Charity Convey. In addition, the bank extended its support this year to Omani Association for Elderly Friends- Al Sharquiya Branch and the Omani Society for the Hearing Impaired.

Bank Sohar Extends Support to Omani Association for the Disabled (Sohar)

Bank Sohar’s CSR initiatives have always been central to its operational strategy. It strives to ensure that its contributions are carefully planned and evaluated in order to diversify and reach out to the maximum number of people especially those in most need of it, offering recipients positive support and making a meaningful change. Over the years, the Bank has supported over 30 organizations around the Sultanate under its social responsibility program. These range from child care centres, road safety and charity organisations to associations that offer support to the differently abled of our community and those suffering from terminal illnesses.

In recognition of its contributions, Bank Sohar has received numerous accolades for its CSR efforts locally, regionally, and internationally. The most recent of these awards was the ‘Golden Order of Merit in the field of CSR’ fromthe Arab Organization for Social Responsibility in UAE. This award is the fourththat the Bank has received from the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility for this category.

The Omani Association for the Disabled was established in Muscat in 1995 to serve disabled individuals and showcase their potential as value-contributing members of society. It ensures fair and equal rights to them and approves their participation in various activities and sport events to enrich their opportunities in winning different competitions. In addition, it works in building their skills and uplifting their talents and work potential.

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