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Bank Sohar rolls out road safety tip for Month of July

• Bank Sohar’s Focus on Road Safety as part of its Rakkiz Wa Souq Campaign

• Bank Sohar rolls out road safety tip for Month of July

Bank Sohar’s road safety campaign ‘RakizWaSooq’ continues to gain momentum for the vital issue of traffic and road safety under its 2017 slogan ‘I Pledge for Our Children”. The Bank periodically shares important and effective tips on a monthly basis to encourage drivers to adopt road safety practices to keep Oman’s roads safe for the general public and specifically, children. This month the Bank shares tips for drivers to be cautious while driving in residential areas as children might be playing outside their homes during summer holidays. Bank Sohar is keen on alerting parents and drivers to drive carefully while cruising through residential areas since these places are almost always frequented by children.

Bank Sohar rolls out road safety tip for Month of July

Emphasising the importance of the road safety message, Ms. Munira Abdulnabi Macki, GM of Human Resources and Corporate Support at Bank Sohar said, “As a community oriented bank, Bank Sohar prioritises the lives and safety of the citizens. Since its inception, the Bank has been a strong votary for spreading the message on responsible driving and road safety. This month we want to reinforce the practice of driving carefully through residential neighbourhoods, driveways or parking lots – in short – any place where there is a likelihood of children playing. Some precautionary measures that we, as adults, can adopt are driving at lower speeds, honking to announce that a vehicle is approaching, using the vehicle’s left and right indicators or the hazard light, if needed.”

Bank Sohar has developed an effective and unique strategy that uses children as ambassadors to deliver its messages on road safety. “Sometimes important information on road safety carries more impact and weight when we hear it from our children. It is also a way to empower them - from an early age – with knowledge on traffic rules and safety measures while traveling in a vehicle or while playing outside the house.” Added, Ms. Munira Macki.

From the time its commencement over a year ago, the ‘RakizWaSooq’ road safety campaign had a tremendous impact on the community with its messages on road safety. In launching it, Bank Sohar has developed a unique and effective method to ensure that road safety remains paramount in the mind of every motorist, driver and pedestrian. In November 2016, the Bank was awarded the ‘Best Public Awareness Campaign Middle East Road Safety’ award for the ‘RakizWaSooq’ road safety campaign at the IQPC Middle East – Qatar Transport Safety Awards.

Bank Sohar not only actively promotes road safety it also holds the distinction of being a pioneer for the cause in the banking sector, leading numerous awareness drives on the subject in school zones and education institutions. Right from inception, the Bank has spearheaded several related initiatives and activities that have successfully spread awareness on the subject. Apart from these, Bank Sohar has organised traffic safety and awareness campaigns in collaboration with the Royal Oman Police and Oman Road Safety Association (ORSA), also the Bank was honoured by the Central Bank of Oman (CBO) for its initiatives towards raising crucial awareness on road safety.

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