Bank Sohar S.A.O.G
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  1. Bank Sohar Introduces Ramadan Auto loan Offer

    As part of its Ramadan related initiatives and in line with its customer focused strategy, Bank Sohar introduces this year’s Al Mumayaz Auto Loan Ramadan Promotion

  2. Bank Sohar Supports Whispers of Serenity ‘Not Alone Convoy’

    With a commitment towards helping improve the quality of life and in line with its focus on giving back to the community it serves, Bank Sohar recently sponsored a video screening event organized by Whispers of Serenity Clinic

  3. Bank Sohar Sponsors Indian Social Club Gala

    Underlining the banks’ commitment to connect with customers as well as its consistent focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, Bank Sohar recently sponsored the annual May Queen Gala hosted by the Goan Wing of the Indian Social Club

  4. Bank Sohar Supports Environment Society of Oman Initiative

    As part of its constant endeavour to support initiatives that increase awareness on the environment, Bank Sohar once again contributed valuable support to Environment Society of Oman (ESO) having recently sponsored a Movie Night that showcased a documentary film to raise awareness on the importance of protecting marine life in Oman and the world over

  5. Bank Sohar Extends Support to Omani Association for the Disabled (Sohar)

    Bank Sohar’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Convey, directed at supporting charity aid to different organisations across the Sultanate, marked its third donation for the year having supported the Sohar Branch of the Omani Association for the Disabled