Bank Sohar S.A.O.G
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Bank Sohar Privilege Banking brings you a wealth of financial planning expertise and provides practical solutions with your everyday banking in a very personal way. Our Privilege Banking Services combine the comfort of first-class service with customized financial solutions to enable you to improve your financial planning.

Your Relationship Manager

At the heart of the Privilege Banking Service are our Relationship Managers dedicated to you. They provide individual attention and a proactive approach to ensure that they meet your financial needs, now and in the future. Our dedicated team of professional bankers are also at your disposal to complete the paperwork and fast-track your applications.

As a privileged customer of Bank Sohar you deserve the best and our dynamic team of Relationship Managers are ever ready to provide first-class service. You can contact them on their mobile phone, email them or meet them face-to-face, whenever and wherever suits you.

Customized Products & Services

We have an array of customized products and services that are designed to fit most of the specialized needs of privilege banking customers. This comprehensive suite of Al Mumayaz products and services include:

  • Al Mumayaz Savings Scheme
  • Al Mumayaz Salary Current Accounts
  • Al Mumayaz Fixed Deposits Scheme
  • Al Mumayaz Personal Financial Solutions
  • Al Mumayaz Housing Finance