Bank Sohar S.A.O.G
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Annual Fees
Primary Card
- For Bank Sohar Credit Cardholders
- For Non Bank Sohar Credit Cardholders

RO 0/-
RO 10/-
Fees and Charges
Interest rate for Bank Sohar salary transfer customers (charged on the statement date outstanding balance) 181.
Card Replacement Fee RO 10
Over Limit Fee RO 5
Duplicate Statement Fee RO 5
Late Payment Fee RO 3 plus 3% on Amount Due
Returned Cheque Fee (For Lack of Funds) RO 15
Receipt Copy Request Fee (For Invalid Disputes Only) RO 10
Foreign Transactions Fees (Apply For All Transactions Made In Currencies Other Than RO) 2.5% of Transaction Amount
Re-Payment Term
Minimum Amount Due 5% or RO 10 (Whichever Is Higher)