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Bank Sohar Supports Whispers of Serenity ‘Not Alone Convoy’

With a commitment towards helping improve the quality of life and in line with its focus on giving back to the community it serves, Bank Sohar recently sponsored a video screening event organized by Whispers of Serenity Clinic. The Bank registered strong support for the event in order to raise crucial awareness on detecting and treating various psychological conditions and also to commemorate the month of May being World Mental Health Month.

Bank Sohar Supports Whispers of Serenity ‘Not Alone Convoy’

Commenting on the Bank’s support, Ms. Munira Abdulnabi MackiGM of HR and Corporate Support at Bank Sohar said,“As a socially responsible financial institution, Bank Sohar is committed to initiatives that improve the quality of everyday life. Hence, the subject of mental health is one such area that we strongly advocate for as it resonates with our overall objective to help societies lead more fulfilling, purposeful lives. It was a pleasure and an honor to have had the opportunity to support the noble initiatives of Whispers Serenity Clinic and their mission to spread the message to the public that those experiencing mental health issues are not alone.”

Thanking the Bank for its dedication to the cause, Sayyida Basma bint Fakhri Al Said, the Owner of Whispers of Serenity Clinic said, “We appreciate the support received from Bank Sohar for the launch of ‘Not Alone Convoy’ video event held at Crystal Ballroom Millennium Hotel on Saturday 20th May 2017. And we look forward to cooperating with Bank Sohar in the near future.”

Following the screening of the videos and during the course of the event, Bank Sohar received a token of appreciation from H.H. Sayyid Faher Bin Fatik Al Said to Mr. Abdullah Hamad Al Mahmoodi, Chief Manager Events & Promotions who represented Bank Sohar at the event .The token of appreciation signifies the Banks continuous support of the clinic’s efforts on mental health as well as for sponsoring the ‘Not Alone’ Convoy video screening event. Towards the end of the event, volunteers were also given an accolade from the Clinic in order to thank them for sharing their experiences and being there to reflect on their stories.

The videos presented at the screening detailed the full extent of the “Not Alone Convoy’s” journey across Oman to spread its message and providerequired counselling. The convoy, which was initiated in December of year 2016 went on till April this year, touring the Sultanate and raising awareness one city at a time. Ensuring that the campaign’s message reached the demographic it was intended for were volunteers from the cities of Nizwa, Sur, Sohar, Musandam and Salalah who were honoured during the event.

The ‘Not Alone’ awareness campaign was developed by Sayyida Basma bint Fakhri Al Said, a Mental Health Psychologist and owner of Whispers of Serenity Clinic with the help of a hard working group that was able to conceptualize and create the ‘Not Alone’Awareness video. The short film moved audiences with its emotive portrayal of the various mental disorders people battle through every day. From then on the campaign has gone on to host many events to raise awareness and promote the cause.

As one of the more prominent banks in the country, its economic and social resources give Bank Soharsignificant reach and the potential to make a positive impact on the community. Therefore, as a part of its operational philosophy, the Bank has always made significant contributions towards community development across the Sultanate as well as several other causes across different fields. With each passing year, it strives to ensure that its contributions are carefully planned and evaluated to diversify and reach out to the maximum number of people especially those in most need of it, offering them both hope and support.

The Bank’s CSR initiatives have always been central to its operational strategy. In recognition of its contributions, Bank Sohar has received numerous accolades for its CSR efforts locally, regionally, and internationally. The most recent of these awards was the ‘Golden Order of Merit in the field of CSR’ from the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility in UAE. This award marks the fourth consecutive award that the Bank has received from the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility for this category.

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