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Bank Sohar Emphasises on Road Safety under ‘Rakiz Wa Souq’ Campaign

Bank Sohar’s ‘Rakiz Wa Souq’ road safety campaign continues to gain mileage for the important subject of road safety with yet another useful tip. The campaign was launched this year to uphold the slogan ‘I Pledge For Our Children’ and forms a central component of the bank’s CSR initiatives under ‘Sohar Al Atta’ programme that focus on giving back to society. The latest safety tip emphasises on how critical it is that parents and drivers drop children off on the right side of the road and let them out from the pavement side, to avoid risks of any unfortunate incidents.

Bank Sohar Emphasises on Road Safety under ‘Rakiz Wa Souq’ Campaign

Commenting on the bank’s commitment to road safety, Mazin Mahmood Al Raisi, Senior AGM & Head of Marketing and Customer Experience at Bank Sohar, said: “The ‘Rakiz Wa Souq’ campaign continues our focused approach towards road safety, aiming to generate awareness on the subject by sharing concise messages periodically during events and school visits. We are glad that through this campaign and regular collaborations with Oman Road Safety Association on traffic safety programmes we are making Oman’s roads safer for all users.”

The campaign’s message this time draws attention to safe exit protocol to follow especially when getting out of a car with children. Since children cannot always see what parents see, the tip alerts parents and drivers to ensure that their vehicle flanks a pavement or the right side of the road whenever children are being let out. This is to avoid the dangers of oncoming traffic that could lead to potentially catastrophic consequences for the driver and passengers. Also, parents should always make sure children walk on the side of the pavement away from traffic and make sure they do not run ahead.

Like all its messages on safe traffic protocol, the campaign disseminates the tip through a unique delivery model that deploys children as its ambassadors. These monthly traffic safety messages are geared towards empowering them with knowledge on important aspects of road safety. The tips are often dispatched throughout local schools via road shows and similar events to educate children on their importance. Its wide social and community reach attests to the bank’s commitment and drive towards initiatives on road safety.

Bank Sohar Emphasises on Road Safety under ‘Rakiz Wa Souq’ Campaign

Promoting road safety has been a key component of Bank Sohar’s CSR initiatives right from its inception. It has - over the years - conducted various road shows and activities that have successfully spread awareness on the subject. The bank has also regularly collaborated with the Royal Oman Police, government entities and various associations such as the Oman Road Safety Association (ORSA), to jointly organise and run various events and awareness campaigns across the Sultanate. Bank Sohar also plays an active role in events to further reinforce the message of road safety.

Bank Sohar’s ceaseless efforts as a pioneer for road safety in Oman have won numerous accolades and awards. It was awarded the ‘Best Public Awareness Campaign Middle East Road Safety’ award in November 2016 for its ‘RakizWa Souq’ Road Safety Campaign at the IQPC Middle East – Qatar Transport Safety Awards and honored by the Central Bank of Oman (CBO) for its contributions towards raising awareness on road safety.