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Supporting Talented Students as a Key Economic Asset , Sohar International Extends Support to INJAZ Oman

With the objective of supporting and empowering youth as future business leaders and budding entrepreneurs, Sohar International recently pledged support to INJAZ Oman under its CSR programme, Sohar Al Atta’a. The support will fund the participation of 200 students in workshops conducted by INJAZ Oman with the aim to introduce them to the concept of entrepreneurship at a very early age.

During a visit early in December to Sohar International’s head office in Muscat, Ms. Khawla Al Harthy, CEO of INJAZ Oman received the support cheque from Mr Mazin Mahmood Al Raisi, Senior AGM and Head of Marketing and Customer Experience following discussions on potential venues of collaboration

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Recognizing the importance of catering to this segment of society in CSR programs, Mr Khalil Al Hedaifi, Chief Retail Banking Officer at Sohar International, said, “Over the past decade, we have seen young entrepreneurs launching their own business projects and achieving great results, hence the globally fast growing business sector known as ‘kidpreneurs’. We at Sohar International strongly believe in investing within the segment as their talent is nothing short of a vital economic asset that will go forth to lead in various aspects of Oman’s emerging economy. Supporting INJAZ’s programmes helps us ensure that youth build their confidence to manage future challenges. This is very critical as competence and competitiveness are under the spotlight like never before, forming key factors that play a major role in the success and the employability of youth at a later stage. We are pleased to help facilitate this workshop for so many young people and applaud INJAZ Oman’s achievements over the last decade”.

Entitled Innovation Camp, the one-day programme will observe a bilingual delivery of challenging business activities to 200 high achieving students as they work to deliver innovative solutions in response to a range of problems. ‘I-Camp’ will give youth the opportunity to engage in exciting activities with mentors from the corporate sector expanding their entrepreneurial horizons, and direct students’ thinking towards their future in the corporate world with a memorable methodology.

Ms. Khawla Al Harthy, CEO of INJAZ Oman, commented: “This kind of workshops and initiatives are essential when we consider Oman’s incredibly youthful demographic. Research demonstrates that over 50% of young Omanis are open to the idea of exploring enterprise before creating their own business. INJAZ Oman has consequently taken the lead in tailoring courses that cover a variety of topics with private sector leaders contributing to the delivery of initiatives and programmes that invest in business leadership, risk, communication, people-centric challenges, sales, marketing, and an understanding of common obstacles faced in different types of business processes. We thank Sohar International for their support and hope to see our relationship extend in the future.”

Sohar International’s support for INJAZ Oman dates back to 2009, when it first recognized the organisation’s potential in support of the national agenda. The bank’s support was delivered under the flag of Sohar Al Atta, Sohar International’s CSR program, reflecting its on-going commitment to support like-minded associations that also work to empower, educate and train various segments of the society.

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