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Sohar International Extends Support to Oman Association for the Disabled in Muscat

Furthering the reach of its Sohar Al Atta’ CSR program, Sohar International recently extended support to the Oman Association for the Disabled (OAD) – Muscat with the aim to assist in providing wheelchairs for the physically disabled members, allowing them easier mobility, self-support and a level of independency in their daily life activities. This contribution marks the extension of a nine year-long collaborative relationship between Sohar International and the organization.

Sohar International Extends Support to Oman Association for the Disabled in Muscat

Mr Khalil Al Hedaifi, Chief Retail Banking Officer of Sohar International highlighted that such initiatives reflect the personality of the bank, bringing long-term and sustainable impact to the community by focusing on people empowerment, training and education. He said, “Physical disability is an unfortunate challenge, but with the right support and an unstoppable desire to excel, a person can exceed expectations and transform into an inspirational model for others. By providing members of Oman Association for the Disabled – Muscat, with the means to be more mobile and active, we empower them to overcome challenges, become unstoppable in a way to achieve more for themselves and their families, and further their contributions to the nation. We commend the association in helping members of the community and raising awareness on various forms of disabilities, wishing them success in all their future endeavours.”

The contribution to Oman Association for the Disabled was delivered by Mr Mazin Mahmood Al Raisi, Senior AGM, Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, during a recent visit to the association’s head office in Muscat. In addition to helping in providing members with equipment and tools to overcome physical challenges, previous contributions funded learning, development and training programs for staff, volunteers and members of the various branches across the Sultanate.

Mr Yahya Al Amri, Chairman, Oman Association for the Disabled said, “Our vision is of a world where disabled people have full choice and control over their lives. Support from organisations like Sohar International helps us to provide essential requirements and supplies for members and enhance public awareness about differently-abled individuals. I would like to thank Sohar International for the fruitful collaboration over the past nine years.”

Sohar International believes in giving back to the community within which it operates. Through its extensive corporate social responsibility initiatives, the bank aims to add value to the society; enriching the social and economic fabric of the Sultanate. Sohar International continues investing in the society with a focus on creating access to quality facilities in healthcare and education along with socio-economic development systems for the differently-abled. The bank has supported over 30 organisations multiple times, ensuring that its vibrant CSR portfolio covers the maximum number of individuals with meaningful contributions that inspire positive change.

Since inception in 1995, The Association has been a vehicle that connects the society; and act as a catalyst for change, increasing the social and economic development scope for people with disabilities. Through its various branches across Oman, OAD brings together the skills, experience and knowledge to share learning, challenge barriers, provide resources and create awareness within the community.