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Domestic Helper Insurance

Insurance While your domestic helper ensures the well-being of your house and family, it becomes the responsibility of the employer to secure the financial well-being of the helper should an unforeseen event like death were to occur.

Domestic Helper Insurance, in partnership with Arabia Falcon Insurance offers a host of benefits to provide for unforeseen costs related to death or hospitalization of the Domestic Helper.

Features & Benefits

  • Financially secure the family of the Domestic Helper with lump sum protection for Death due to any cause
  • Provide for high medical expenses in case of any accident to the domestic helper
  • Get a financial cushion for costs associated with replacing the Domestic Maid in case of death
  • Provide for higher costs of repatriation to the home country of the Domestic Helper in case of death of the Domestic Helper with free one way air ticket for the accompanying person.
  • Simple product with hassle free claims process
  • Worldwide Death Cover
  • Covers Domestic Helpers employed in small businesses

Terms and conditions apply

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